2016 Facebook trends you need to act on

We are almost at the end of 2015 and future trends begin to emerge from every online marketing corner. The most popular topic is Facebook and how big it is going to be next year.

Some of the trends are common sense for someone working with Facebook ads, but lets put them down for everybody:

  1. Carousel-ads or multi-product ads are on the rise

Since I’ve started working with those type of ads earlier this year I’ve been amazed by the power and quick results. But they don’t work as well with all types of businesses.

According to Facebook Q2 and Q3 reports, carousel ads have grown +55% from quarter to quarter this year, this being the biggest quarter growth for any type o ad.

Why is this happening? Because you can promote 5 products instead of one static banner picture, is more interactive because of the layout and you can get more clicks from one single ad. Also, the costs of promoting carousel ads are lower than classic ads.

Because of the success of carousel ads, Facebook launched dynamic ads, making the remarketing campaigns more personalized than ever.

So, in 2016 the Facebook is giving substantial support for carousel ads and dynamic ads.

2. Mobile traffic vs. desktop traffic coming from Facebook is increasing

If you have been doing Facebook carousel ads only for a month, chances are you noticed a change in mobile traffic coming from these ads. This is happening all over the world and puts the mobile device on #1 place for some businesses.

This is big news for e-commerce businesses that have not optimized the mobile purchase funnel. There is time to catch up and it’s worth you while if your numbers say so.

3. Ad prices are slowly increasing

Depending on your niche, you may see some changes in what used to be the minimum costs.

According to the same Q2 and Q3 Facebook reports, advertisers spend up to +16% more money on ads in Q3 2015. This means that costs are growing, but advertisers don’t shy away because of this.

The growing costs are a natural result of growing competition and more money invested in ads. But the bottom line is the Return on Ad Spend, which is substantial in many cases.

You can read more about the 2016 Facebook advertising trends on MarketingLand.com.

For a experimented advertiser, this information will bring confidence about the future of advertising through Facebook in 2016. Since there have been so many innovations in 2015, I personally can’t wait to see what they are bringing up next in the following year!


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