3 tips on growing your social audience

The first sign of a good online marketing strategy is that your audience responds to your content. This means a growing reach, engagement and number of new fans or followers. After this, next come the leads and finally, sales. This is what any social media manager wants to see. But the road is not so smooth.

Growing the social audience

Here are some tips on what to do when you feel stuck in bringing new fans and growing that social audience.

1. Each channel needs a different recipe

So you have 3 or 4 channels to manage for a client. Do you publish the same message on Facebook, Twitter and G+? If a message might work for Facebook and G+ it may not fit Twitter, literally. So each channel needs its own tailored message type, photo and time of publishing.

There is no general rule of thumb that can work for everybody, so you must understand the network, it’s dynamics and look at what others do there. Look at the competition, look at influencers and try to pick up what they do well and replicate it to your own page. Testing new ideas every month is the key to stay ahead.

2. Cut the overly promotional content

In the social ecosystem, users are the soul of any network. But the business plan behind the network allowed businesses to enter so the both can make a living. This seems fair enough. But nobody likes to get annoyed by promotional content coming from everywhere. The promotional content has to be clever, witty, even viral if it want’s to fit in this ecosystem. If it fails, people will show less interest in it, in the network, and eventually abandon it.

Facebook has stepped in and starting from January 2015 and announced it will reduce the visibility of overly promotional content in the News Feed. In other words, cut the weeds, start using FaceAds and promote only the best offers you have.

3. Pick only the networks that fit your business

There are many social networks to pick from. Choose wisely only the ones where your potential customers might be and tailor you content for network. Picking too many social networks just to be present everywhere is a waste of time and energy. Keep it simple and be on 4 or 5 social networks that fit your type of business.

Read the complete list of tips from SocialBakers and start making the right choices for you client and for you.

Bonus tips

Try to avoid talking all about you and you business. People can find that information on you website. Mixing it up with other types of content like entertaining or informational might be the trick. Here you can read a list of common reasons why Facebook marketing can fail. This gives you a voice that will stand out in the crowded News Feed.

Also, when you got a monthly or weekly content strategy and a new type of post to experiment with, try to experiment with only one thing at a time. So, if you are introducing videos in the content strategy, try not to change the usual time of day when you post, or post in the weekends if you haven’ before. Having two or more different elements in one experiment will make it impossible to track what worked and why. If you want more testing ideas to try out try the list made by Buffer.


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