4 things you hate on Facebook

When I firs got in this business I got some tips of what not to do on Facebook. And then are those moments when you don’t have something great to publish and feel so tempted to break the rules. Well, don’t! Take a break, look at you best posts from Insights section on your page and try to find some content similar to that. Even so, if you don’t have the time and are under pressure to publish you will do one of those things that people hate on Facebook.

Memes that don’t relate to your business

If you have a company page that does B2B business then memes are a bad idea. I know everybody says you have to speak to the public like a human not as a robot, but ask yourself what does a bank have a in common with cat memes? If it’s the bank’s mascot then maybe you can use it, but this case is very unlikely. Also it lowers the business’s credibility and trust when it should be building it.

But if you really want memes to get some engagement and share some funny content, then your brand should at least be a B2C. And since this type of content is everywhere, try to find some that relates to you business. I use memes on an electronic cigarette page. It fits because they catch day to day experiences only vapers understand.

Coffee posts in the morning

This one is a big no-no. If you are Starbucks I can understand, but if you don’t sell coffee or don’t give it away for free every morning I can’t see a reason to share it on Facebook. If 2-3 pages that you like and follow would do this every morning, well… you can see the picture: 4 coffees in a row when maybe you even hadn’t have yours. It is plain annoying.

But if you do sell coffee, that you should know by now the 20/80 rule. 20% of you content should be about you and your products, but the rest should be good content, about other things that your coffee lovers would like. I can’t give you a precise recipe here, but experimenting and testing is a good way to start. Also, Pinterest is a good source. Search for coffee pictures and see what those users pin besides the usual cup of coffee. You might find inspirational quotes, comfy places to drink it and so on.

Using #hashtags the wrong way

Some use hashtags to look cool, but others just abuse them and that makes them look really stupid. How many post have you seen with 4-5 hashtags in the end? My first impression is that they are mistaken with SEO keywords. No, they are not SEO keywords. I want to be able to follow your brand by the hashtag you constantly and consistently use, and occasionally when there are huge events like a world championship I want to be able to see all the discussions about that topic. Don’t hijack the hashtag because is a bad practice and people will resent you. Event worst you can end up on Condescending marketing page and then you are the bad example in front a lot of people.

Also, you need to be aware of the reach a #hashtag has. For example if you are a real estate company, why would you use generic hashtags like #apartment, #house, #rent, #buy, if you audience is limited to a city or county. If I look up that hashtag from another county or city what relevance does that have for me? I tell you – none. Try to keep it focused and local. If nothing out there fits your business, then you are welcomed to make one up. Keep it short and easy to remember and you might have a good shot at success.

Misspells and bad grammar

This one is very delicate. It happens to the best of us but it can be avoided. If your page is small you can swipe it under the rug and repost the thing again. But if your page has a large audience someone will notice in a second and will say something about it. Don’t ignore it. Just say it happens to the best of us and correct it. Hopefully nobody will say anything after that.

You can protect yourself from this mishaps by preparing the post in advance and have another colleague look over it. It might save you some embarrassment. Also, there are online tools that check your spelling and give you great tips on how to correct it. This works great on English texts. And keep in mind that pictures with text on them might be a good place to slip up. Those are more difficult to hide. Facebook doesn’t allow you to change the picture after it’s been published so be aware of what they say.

Those are just some how-no-to do things on Facebook. They apply to other networks also. Here I found a great list of what others do badly. Let me know if you have examples of your own in the comments below.

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