5 copywriting tips for SEO

After writing my 10 best tips of copywriting in Social media I found a great article that presents the other side of the story: copywriting tips for SEO.

1. Bucket brigade

Wait, what?

Yes, you read it well. In the content body it looks something like this:

That little word group captivates you to read more. That means spending more time on the page which sends out the message that the page is interesting resulting in higher google ranking. If you abandon as soon as you got there it will impact it negatively by lowering the ranking. So, keep it shot, sprinkle some buckle brigades around and see the huge difference it makes.

 2. Use synonyms as keywords

If you search bike shop on google how does it know what kind of bike you want to buy?

Instead of keyword stuffing your article, have a look at Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. They are synonyms and closely related words and all the LSI helps google understand what your is about.

This means that in your site copy you should use keywords like bike shop, bicycle shop, bike store, bike spare parts, bike repair  and so on. Every body has a unique way of researching and you must get to as many people as you can.

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3. Brand everything

Your name should be unique and searching it you should rank #1 for it. This is common sense I know, but what about other things about your business? You have a new course, product or service coming soon? Use a creative name for it so when people search it, it will rank #1.

Try searching for a quarter pounder. It has McDonalds all over it because every burger in the menu became a brand.


Name the product, name the service, and make it a stand alone brand. That is how you make a difference offline and in the world of SEO. Be creative with common words and make up new words. Whatever works!

4. Get SEO inspiration from forums

The best places to find out what people talk about are forums.

Use Reddit, follow some treads that debate subjects of interest to you, then pick up words and phrases from there to write an article, a product presentation or any piece of copy. Using people’s native language will help getting you search referrals and give you an idea for what people need.

5. Get title and headings inspiration from Cracked, Buzzfeed or news sites

News outlets and other entertaining sites have discovered the art of writing a compelling copy. I often flip thorough and write down “buzz words” that make me want to read the article.

For example, buzz words on cracked.com:

  • insane
  • famous
  • horrifying
  • millennia
  • hilarious

Every topic has its key words and yours has it too. But borrowing new ones to add spice to you copy is a great way to stand out.

For a complete SEO copywriting tip list continue reading here.

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