5 tips to optimize your Facebook ads campaign

Do you want to get the most of your budget? Testing, testing, testing is a general piece of advice for Facebook ads and you need more?

Nod YES and continue reading some of the best tips I’ve got so far:

1. Create ad pictures according to Facebook size recommendation

The best size for your image will vary based on the type of ad you are creating. Be sure to consult Facebook’s Official Ads Guide to find the optimal size. This way your ad will look good on every type of display (mobile & web).

2. Daytime posting matters 

Do you know the best days and times to post your ads for maximum clicks and conversions? Social Media Examiner has a great article that covers all the ins and outs of ‘dayparting’: scheduling your Facebook posts for optimal reach.

3. Common sense doesn’t always work when it comes to pictures

Relying on your common sense when it comes to creating an ad is not always the best approach. Try out variations of your ads to see which ones convert best. Some elements to test include your image, color palette, call to action, headline and ad copy.

4. Ad new photos to a campaign to keep it fresh

Every month I add new photos in my campaigns so I avoid banner blindness, and keep down display frequency and hide post. This comes in handy when testing new layouts to get better results like conversions and website clicks.

Rotate your ads to increase the chances your audience will actually notice your ad in their news feed!

5. Facebook multi-product ads is the new thing

Since this option rolled out for all the advertisers out there, it has been a new and very specific way to promote products, services and other interesting content from your website.

With the introduction of Product Ads, you can now highlight a number of different products within one ad.

See the entire list of tips on kimgarst.com!

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