7 ways to get motivated on a lazy day

Today is one of those days when not even a cup of black tea does the job. How can you?

As a freelancer consultant, I get one of those lazy days after I had a few days of intense work. The need to unwind is very normal, but I can’t do that in the middle of the week. So I have a few tricks to shake the lazy off and keep on going until the weekend and much-needed sleep and relaxation.

1. Take a break to cool off

When you see things piling up and you know this is going to take a few days, give yourself a little reward after the job is done. Put aside a day or half day to do your thing. Use those hours to go shopping, get a Starbucks or walk around the shopping mall. Taking a long bath might do the trick also. Your body and brain will better unwind if you schedule a half day offline and know that nobody will be asking for you since they know you are not available.

2. Exercise

Sitting long hours in the same position is tiring by itself. Start a routine of moving that body. Try going to a gym, running, or my favorite – take some dance classes, ballet, or anything else that you might like doing few times a week and feel excited about. If you don’t like it, you will find all kinds of excuses not to do it and soon quit. Get a friend to go with you and keep each other motivated.

3. Get dressed

Freelancing means a lot of alone time at home or a near by coffee shop. When you mostly work from home, sitting in your pajamas can put off your working mood and make you go back to bed or that comfy couch. Sometimes is just so refreshing to just put on a nice shirt and a pair of jeans or a dress and get to work. Thins change of clothes might do wonders for your moral.

4. Clear the clutter

When having a 5 day working marathon, your desk will surely get messy. Working in that mess and trying to find things is time & energy-consuming. Take five minutes to clean it up and organize things a bit. We are visual beings, and being organized but working in a mess will get you nowhere.

5. Do something new

I know you have a side project. A little thing you do just for yourself and don’t care about what others will say. Try adding new things to this project as a way to unwind and relax the nerves. Time will fly doing it and there will be no guilt that you wasted the spare time.

6. Change places

In college, I used to do some of my projects in the school library. I found that few hours spent there were more productive than a whole day at home. Now, I find that moving my desk around the house is making a huge difference on my mind-set and creativity. If you don’t have other good spots to move that desk, try working from a coffee shop, or other quiet place.

7. Always have a plan

If a task can be done in 15 minutes, but you have two hours for it, that task will expand to fill that entire time. When you have a plan you can anticipate how much time is left after doing all the work stuff and you can make other plans after. I always start the week with a list of things that have to be done and work through it every day until i finish it. Is very rewarding to cut off every completed task and see the list get shorter and still have some time left at the end of the day to do other things.

I always hear that everything you do, you do for you, being motivated to push a little bit more every day makes the difference between a winner and all the others.

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