How Not to Kill Your Online Business

Business owners face many difficult challenges, but their ultimate goal in the online business world is to get truckloads of new potential customers to visit their website.

On the other hand, another major goal is to create brand exposure as you grow your company online.

Do you have a plan to spur this growth and build your brand?

Some people have a plan and it works out to be a major success. Others try a few things here and there and fail miserably.

If you’re finding it difficult to grow your business online, or you’ve hit a plateau and branding and website growth is now stagnant, you should avoid the following missteps to prevent the unintentional death and destruction of your online business.

Let’s now take a look at the major pitfalls that you need to avoid.


Do You Track Your Most Important Online Business Metrics?

Business owners often fail to track the most important online metrics for their website, which is the reason why some of them have a tough time finding success.

As far as conversions are concerned, you need to immediately begin tracking things like marketing campaign conversion rates, email subscriber sign-ups, your cost per lead, your website’s lifetime visitor value, customer acquisition costs, and more.

If you begin tracking these metrics and really pay attention to the data, you’ll immediately notice areas that could benefit from serious improvement.

By working hard to test and improve specific aspects of your website, you’ll be able to increase conversion rates tremendously instead of wasting this valuable traffic.

Productivity tracking is also incredibly important.

Are you reaching your greatest levels of productivity throughout the day? Are your employees? Are your freelancers?

As an example, if you’re working on a marketing campaign promoting the top fundraisers for nonprofits, you should track all hours spent working on this project by using an online time clock like Clockspot.

By tracking productivity online, you’ll be able to figure out when your staff is being most effective, when they are least effective, when you personally struggle to produce, and you’ll even figure out your revenue per employee.

Again, once you have access to this information, you can use it to tweak your processes so that you and your team can become even more productive.


Does Your Website Contain Average, Run-Of-The-Mill Content?

One of the fastest ways to kill your online business is to become part of the crowd without sharing content that stands out.

Is your website basically a clone of every other website in your niche?

If so, you are doing your audience a major disservice.

Sure, standard industry related content certainly has its value. But if you really want to make an impression and grow a wide audience, you’ll provide your readers and website visitors with unique, new content that shares an interesting perspective.

That’s how you stand out in the crowd!

Pay attention to the trends taking place in your industry. But instead of sharing these stories verbatim like a parrot, you have to put your own spin on them.

Use current industry trends to your advantage by twisting them and turning them and manipulating them into your own ideas so that you’re presenting something unique to your audience.


Are You an Industry Leader?

You’re really missing the boat if you haven’t stepped up and presented your company as a major industry leader.

Remember, no one wants to take advice from the 25th best website, right?

So take on a leadership role. Your audience will recognize this and begin trusting your business as a valuable leader in your market.



Nobody said building an online business is easy. If you avoid making the critical errors mentioned above, you’ll have a much better chance at achieving online success.


Guest post by Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Towering who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition


2016 Facebook trends you need to act on

We are almost at the end of 2015 and future trends begin to emerge from every online marketing corner. The most popular topic is Facebook and how big it is going to be next year.

Some of the trends are common sense for someone working with Facebook ads, but lets put them down for everybody:

  1. Carousel-ads or multi-product ads are on the rise

Since I’ve started working with those type of ads earlier this year I’ve been amazed by the power and quick results. But they don’t work as well with all types of businesses.

According to Facebook Q2 and Q3 reports, carousel ads have grown +55% from quarter to quarter this year, this being the biggest quarter growth for any type o ad. Read More…

When to start buying Facebook Ads


In the past it used to be all about searching on Google and finding out more about anything that comes to mind directly in from the search. Now, you just open the Facebook app on your phone and search for it there. If it isn’t there, there is a problem and you may get suspicious.

The first thing I tell a client when they want to get on board of the social media train is go where your potential customers are. If they are Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin, then you need to create a profile there and make it reflect your image.

The next step is to get people to notice your presence. Here’s how you do that without investing all the money:

1. Get those first 25 fans on Facebook so you can get a custom vanity URL on the platform

2. Invite friends, your email list, employees, and tell them to invite people too

3. DON’T be tempted to buy likes! This may backfire on you so is better to grow a slow and quality follower base than a fake one Read More…

Time management for freelancing life

Time management for freelancing life

Time management for freelancing life

There are thousand upon thousand written articles about time management. The biggest challenge is getting all the work done in the amount of time given by a work day. Everybody has a recipe and some are more “tasty” and others just plain suck.

After reading avidly everything that passed my eyes about time management, I thought to put the best advises into an article so that they will inspire even more people.

Lack of focus? here’s how to get back to productive mode

Freelancing means working outside an office space and making your own schedule. Some days you pull 10 to 12 hours, other days you can barely get one task done. This happen to all of us and it is a natural way to distress the mind. But getting back in the game can’t take forever so here is what you need to do:

1. Keep a list of TO DO every day or every week

If you are a gadget lover, then an online list kept on Wunderlist, Trello or Evernote that you access on your smart phone will come in handy. Fill in all the tasks that you need to do every week and write in the new ones that come up every day. After a task is done at the end of the day, you can have the satisfaction of writing them off the list.

If you are a pen and paper type of person, then a yellow pad or an agenda will help. Keep them close to you when working and after a task is done you can cross it over with a green marker. Read More…

Introducing Facebook authorship for bloggers


Since the demise of Google Authorship last year, bloggers have been neglected by important websites around the web. Facebook has been listening to this complaints and gives authors and publishers a way to indicate the author profile or publishing page for any given piece of content.

Implementing Facebook authorship is relatively simple and it requires just a little intervention in the settings menu on your blog.

The great advantage here is  that you can attach a name to any shares of  the content on Facebook that allows viewers to see the author and potentially follow them. Read More…

Historical optimization is the secret for a succesful blog

You’ve written blog posts for some time now. Every post is well researched, careful edited and promoted to your audience. Some articles will hit the sweet spot but some will not. Those top articles that will, are the backbone of your blog and bring an important piece of traffic.

Historical optimization is the secret for a succesful blogEver green content is the type that is always useful and can be published without having an expiration date. All you have to do is take a look at your top posts, dust them off and publish them again, right?

Read More…

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Facebook comes with a set of conversion pixels you can install on a website.

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Since Facebook does not give too many details about what conversion pixel goes on what type of action, in this article you will find more about each one of them.

The 6 types of conversion pixels are:

1. Checkout

Used on e-commerce sites to count sales. I also used it for sending a request form for a service or product instead of leads conversion pixel. This one is the basic type and it fits in most cases. Read More…

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

Facebook Ads or Adwords? They are not the same and comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. But there is a way to find out what is best for you at the moment, especially if you don’t have the budget for both.

Here are the benefits for both advertising tools, regarding reach, targeting options and mobile advertising. Check out the infographic below:  Read More…

Why you need a social media consultant

The market is full of self-proclaimed specialists. Is not so hard to start-up a page, post funny things and call yourself a social media guru. Also, is not so hard to read all the articles on this topic and speak only about general things and avoid getting down and specific with the business in front of you.



This way of thinking has brought a bad name to genuine specialists who talk out of experience. So, what can a social media consultant do for you? Read More…

How to handle trolls on social media

If you’ve been around on social media long enough you will find that there are people who love to nag, pick on others and write complaints about everything. The problem is that you might get sucked in their negativity and respond back with the same negativity which will only lead to an infinite tread of bitterness.

Social Media Trolls

On a personal profile you can just ban the person in question, but on a business profile you have to play nice and be diplomat. So, how do you know that this “troll” is out for trouble? Here are some signs that might give him up…

1. Bad grammar or spelling, and using mIRC language

He won’t bother to use full words, but will misspell or put in many emoji icons so you can get how offended he is by the topic or other mistakes like a typo in the text. He is smarter, always right and more clever that you and you must acknowledge this asap. Read More…

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