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On 29th May Facebook welcomed a new type of visual content, the animated images also know as GIFs. Currently available for users, the GIFs may change the way things look in the news feed.

Animated GIFs became very popular on webpages like Tumblr or Reddit where you can find a wide range of subjects to share on your networks, but you can make your own animated images with one of the many free GIF maker apps available for your iPhone or Android device, and then share them instantly on Facebook and other social media channels.

For those who want a quick way to animate a picture, here is a list of free apps for every type of user. Read More…

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Facebook comes with a set of conversion pixels you can install on a website.

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Since Facebook does not give too many details about what conversion pixel goes on what type of action, in this article you will find more about each one of them.

The 6 types of conversion pixels are:

1. Checkout

Used on e-commerce sites to count sales. I also used it for sending a request form for a service or product instead of leads conversion pixel. This one is the basic type and it fits in most cases. Read More…

5 tips to optimize your Facebook ads campaign

Do you want to get the most of your budget? Testing, testing, testing is a general piece of advice for Facebook ads and you need more?

Nod YES and continue reading some of the best tips I’ve got so far:

1. Create ad pictures according to Facebook size recommendation

The best size for your image will vary based on the type of ad you are creating. Be sure to consult Facebook’s Official Ads Guide to find the optimal size. This way your ad will look good on every type of display (mobile & web). Read More…

Social media posts: text length & picture size

In social media there are two things you always have to keep in mind: text length and picture size for each channel you use. To keep things simple I prefer having an infographic for each of them to consult every time I need some guidance.

Here are the only two infographics you need to know:

Optimal length of a social media update

Read More…

Online advertising for restricted content

It takes quite some skills to get the best results for a given budget, but the task is even harder if you cannot advertise your products at all. Still there are options even in the online advertising for restricted content.

First of all, in this article I want to share with you all the challenges that I encountered for one of my clients – an electronic cigar online shop.


Online advertising for restricted content

The challenge

A new brand and shop on the electronic cigar & accessories market that has to make a name for itself, but the advertising options are very limited especially for a local business. Its competitors are offline small boutiques that count on small prices and poor quality products. Even if you barely make a profit to be competitive is still hard to get ahead. Read More…

10 best tips of copywriting in social media

Copywriting is salesmanship in print, not clever wordsmithing – this is the cardinal rule known by every worth-mentioning copywriter that has ever lived. It’s hard to explain it better than this, but if you can’t explain it simple than you don’t understand it well enough. Having this in mind, you can move to 10 best tips of copywriting in social media.

#1 Writers block is cured with research

This means that for every subject you write content for, you need to do as much research as possible.

“The best copywriters are the most tenacious researchers. Like miners, they dig, drill, dynamite, and chip until they have carloads of valuable ore. John Caples advised me once to gather seven times more interesting information than I could possibly use”. – Source

Read More…

Why you need a social media consultant

The market is full of self-proclaimed specialists. Is not so hard to start-up a page, post funny things and call yourself a social media guru. Also, is not so hard to read all the articles on this topic and speak only about general things and avoid getting down and specific with the business in front of you.



This way of thinking has brought a bad name to genuine specialists who talk out of experience. So, what can a social media consultant do for you? Read More…

Facebook referral links in Google Analytics

For some time I’ve been seeing an interesting type of referral from Facebook in Analytics – and You may know the other versions of traffic links, and and you could see that the first is from website traffic and the second is from mobile traffic. But what about the first two referral links?


Referral links

Here is one way of seeing things:

The web world is full of spam sites and like most other platforms Facebook works hard to combat it and keep the ordinary, honest surfer safe. One of the tools it uses is called the link shim. When you click on a link in Facebook, the link shim checks the URL against a regularly updated list of malicious sites. If one is detected, the shim will display an interim page that is designed to protect or warn people visiting the site, whether they are accessing it from their browser or email. The link shim address is also used to protect any personal identifying information from 3rd party sites.

Read More…

How to handle trolls on social media

If you’ve been around on social media long enough you will find that there are people who love to nag, pick on others and write complaints about everything. The problem is that you might get sucked in their negativity and respond back with the same negativity which will only lead to an infinite tread of bitterness.

Social Media Trolls

On a personal profile you can just ban the person in question, but on a business profile you have to play nice and be diplomat. So, how do you know that this “troll” is out for trouble? Here are some signs that might give him up…

1. Bad grammar or spelling, and using mIRC language

He won’t bother to use full words, but will misspell or put in many emoji icons so you can get how offended he is by the topic or other mistakes like a typo in the text. He is smarter, always right and more clever that you and you must acknowledge this asap. Read More…

Best scheduling tool: Buffer or Hootsuite?

I post many things on a daily basis. Some are for my clients and some are for my friends and followers. But which tool does the best job? Here are two of my favorite scheduling tools, with their pros and cons.


BufferApp schedule tool

  • Submitted social sites: Facebook, Google Plus (only pages), Twitter, Linkedin,
  • Schedule tool: allows only up to 10 posts in advance on the free plan.
  • Interface: clean and aired, simple to use and very intuitive
  • Scheduled stream: each channel has a tab with all the posts you scheduled. The posts display the text, picture and set date.
  • URL shorting: it auto shortens the link from the text you put in. Also, it adds UTM tags to shortened links. You do have the opt-out option to unshorten the link.
  • Bugs: I have encountered bugs that messed up my schedule, also some times when it gets an error from the channel it will not try to repost again.
  • Analytics: it provides a number of stats based on shared posts and the performance of their links.
  • Paid feature: it has a paid plan, starting from 10$ / month, that unlocks 200 scheduled posts, up to 12 social profiles, 2 members and up to 15 RSS feeds for every social channel connected.

Read More…

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