Customer psychology – What people think about you

We measure the success of a website in key figures like traffic, conversions, new leads and so on. But behind these numbers there are real people searching for something and they might want your services or products if you know how to sell it to them.

Customer Psychology


Recently I found an article about how people think of what you are selling. At any given moment you are visited by:

  • People who will instantly buy
  • People who will never buy
  • And there are the sideliners

Finding out how many visits are sideliners and tailoring your products to appeal to them is the key. In the same article it’s explained who are the sideliners.

The Indifferent’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact that they’re thinking: “Does this really matter to me? Do I need it?”
Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it isn’t.

The Skeptic’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact they’re thinking: “Who are you and why should I trust you?” It’s not that they’re cynical, or paranoid, or anything like that. Often times, these people are just new to your company and they’re not sure if you’re someone they can trust… or someone who’s trying to dupe them.

The Worrier’s biggest barrier to buying is themselves. Whereas the Skeptic questions you, the Worrier questions themselves. You see, when you’re selling something, people have internal fears about “being the type of person” who can benefit from it.

The procrastinator’s biggest barrier to buying is, as you might have guessed, procrastination. This is something all human beings wrestle with, and it’s largely because we’re resistant to change. And while they may want what you’re selling, spending money hurts, and they’ll delay experiencing that pain as long as possible.

Understanding each type of person and their unspoken needs will make the difference. Don’t use manipulation or cheap tricks because the customer might see it and you will lose him. Instead, try working a strategy from what you know about your client and reassure him or her that your product is the one that he or she needs.

What are your biggest challenges with customers? I would like to read more about it in the comments below!

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