How to handle trolls on social media

If you’ve been around on social media long enough you will find that there are people who love to nag, pick on others and write complaints about everything. The problem is that you might get sucked in their negativity and respond back with the same negativity which will only lead to an infinite tread of bitterness.

Social Media Trolls

On a personal profile you can just ban the person in question, but on a business profile you have to play nice and be diplomat. So, how do you know that this “troll” is out for trouble? Here are some signs that might give him up…

1. Bad grammar or spelling, and using mIRC language

He won’t bother to use full words, but will misspell or put in many emoji icons so you can get how offended he is by the topic or other mistakes like a typo in the text. He is smarter, always right and more clever that you and you must acknowledge this asap.

2. Entitlement

The contest you just ended is unfair and a cheat. They should have wont the prize and they will let you know that your contest is stupid and they will not participate next time. They did not trust the way you picked the winner and they will be very vocal about it!

3. Ghost profiles

These type of people hide behind an incomplete profile, with no profile pic maybe just a cartoon and other avatar types, shady friends, and lack of shared personal information. Behind this armor they are invincible.

4. Hate other opinions

You know they are always right. So you have to bow down and embrace their opinion because it’s the only one. Also, they are very conservative and hate change so don’t expect them to respect your opinion if it doesn’t suit them.

5. Feeding on frustration and negativity

So you got a bad comment. You might be tempted to delete it from the page. If it contains bad language this is the way to go, but if is just an attack to your image or content please don’t. Instead take responsibility for your claims and acknowledge that other might have different opinions because that is their right. Taking the trolls weapons away leaves him exposed and turns him away.

So what can you do if you find yourself talking to a negative, always nagging troll?

1. Acknowledge their opinion

Yes, they have a different opinion and maybe they express it with some hostility. But if you accept the different point of view they will calm down and go away. Leave the impression of “you are right, and everybody is free to have an opinion”.

2. Avoid inflammatory topics or turn off the comment option for them

Politics, human rights, gay rights, all these are a source of controversy everywhere in the world so be prepared for some opinionated people. So if you don’t want to waste time on responding to the avalanche of negative feedback, then just turn off comments for these subjects and be done.

3. Cultivate a good community of followers

When you receive a foul comment and you don’t see it right away so can do damage control, if you have a good and active community, they might take care of him for you. They will take your side and ban him away. Once put in this situation the troll will have to run away because is hard to handle a bunch of pissed off people because someone has insulted their favorite page or brand.

4. Ignore or ban the troll

If nobody said anything about the bad comment, than you can just ignore it. They will not follow-up if you don’t say anything back. But if the troll is persistent you can block him from the page on Facebook, or ban him from G+ with nuke comments.


Always be careful of what you say and how much room for interpretation you leave. A transparent policy and practices will turn away some negative comments. Also, invest in the community around you because they are an unexpected help in many troll cases. Did you encounter such people? How did you handled them? I would love to know your thoughts!


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