Why you need a social media consultant

The market is full of self-proclaimed specialists. Is not so hard to start-up a page, post funny things and call yourself a social media guru. Also, is not so hard to read all the articles on this topic and speak only about general things and avoid getting down and specific with the businessย in front of you.



This way of thinking has brought a bad name to genuine specialists who talk out of experience. So, what can a social media consultant do for you?

  • Set up the perfect mix of social media channels that fit your business. From looking at the type of audiences your products and services address, the consultant will be able to recommend the channels where your prospects hang out. ย An average consultant will give you the most popular 4-5 channels without understanding the business and questioning if the most popular are indeed the best ones in this case.
  • Understand the competition. The best source for inspiration is the competition. How can you be better than your rival if you don’t know who he is? Learn from its mistakes, be inspired by his achievements.
  • Do a social media audit. Before starting to work on a new account, study it’s past. Understand what has been done there and by who. Adopting an old account might be more challenging than creating a new one.
  • Experiment, optimize, measure, repeat. Once you got the channel mix right, is time to think about a strategy and to try different things. You will never know what types of commercial content works best for you if you don’t A/B test it. But please steer clear of the 4 annoying things.
  • Read a lot and always learn new things. The way social media changes from one month to another is astonishing. Is a huge challenge to stay on top of everything. So you MUST set up feeds and systems that feed you the best curated news, follow the right people, and stimulate your creativity. It’s a fast paste job and if you are not up to 24/7 job, do yourself a favor and find something more routine-kind-of-job.


I’ve started doing this job about 3 years ago and I am sometimes amazed about how time passes and the new things never cease to amaze. If you are also a social media consultant I would love to hear your thoughts about what challenges you the most!

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