Online advertising for restricted content

It takes quite some skills to get the best results for a given budget, but the task is even harder if you cannot advertise your products at all. Still there are options even in the online advertising for restricted content.

First of all, in this article I want to share with you all the challenges that I encountered for one of my clients – an electronic cigar online shop.


Online advertising for restricted content

The challenge

A new brand and shop on the electronic cigar & accessories market that has to make a name for itself, but the advertising options are very limited especially for a local business. Its competitors are offline small boutiques that count on small prices and poor quality products. Even if you barely make a profit to be competitive is still hard to get ahead.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the main part of the online strategy, but it has a strict guideline about promoting alcohol, dating sites, online gambling, state lotteries, online pharmacies, supplements, subscription services, and prohibits advertising for drugs, tobacco products and related paraphernalia, unsafe supplements, as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion, weapons, ammunition, or explosives; or adult products or services (except for ads for family planning and contraception).

Unfortunately, electronic cigars are in the same boat as tobacco products and that excludes them from getting promoted. But there are ways to get noticed on Facebook.

Selling on Facebook groups

A new feature allows you to sell products to groups. Instead of just posting the link to the shop you can share an offer with the group. I make this a routine to get the word out about the best prices on the e-cig shop.

Share viral content

If boosting a post is not an option then you can share viral content on you page that will attract the attention of your fans. Find your own recipe of videos and inspirational quotes and photos and in between share your own agenda. it works for the dating page Meetville and it will work for you.

Quality content

Since the pressure for quantity is off, focus your resources to make great content about the brand. I’ve tried a mix of high quality photos when talking about e-liquids, quotes on photos and blog articles about being a vaper and using the device.

Unconventional advertising

There is a place online where you can advertise. Adult sites like PornHub, RedTube and so on, have a dedicated platform for advertising and is called  You can choose from a list of sites where to advertise and is pretty easy to use.

But before trying out a bold campaign like this I recommend you discuss it over with the client and proceed only with his approval. Also, do have in mind that advertising on porn sites gets your brand associated with the adult content. If you want a more classy image, steer clear of this type of advertising and stick to offline events in age appropriate places.

Offline advertising at events

Organizing events at the local pub or club is a great way to let people know about the healthy option of an electronic cigar. If your country banned smoking in public places, the e-cig can be a hit for people wanting to vape inside, but also if your country is on the way of banning smoking you might have a gold mine.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to be competitive when big brands take over the market, but finding a loyal customer base can be a way to success. Did you have a client with a restricted product? How did you got him out in the market? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.


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