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Talking about social media looks easy from the outside. The tricky part is customizing all the general knowledge for a new client. This can be done by making a plan from scratch based on previous experiences – if you have it 🙂 – or the best tool for starters – research.

Regarding real estate we all made a transaction. Bought, rented or sold a place. But what about setting up a Pinterest account or what to post on Instagram? Here are the best articles I found on this topic that I know you will find useful or a good starting point for your strategy.


Social media for real estate industry

Social media for real estate agents and agencies

There are a few key points that make your online presence matter and bring your agency in the spot light. To achieve this you have to:

1. Be consistent in your social media activity. Put down a plan on how to do things and stick to it every day. Nobody likes or trusts a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since last year.

2. Be responsive on all the social networks you want to be. Pick just a few that are important to your region and where your customers hang out and make it your goal to post regularly, respond to comments and messages and interact with others.

3. Be relevant to your public and region. Picking out designs and tips that fit homes from the warm parts of the globe when you live in Norway is no way to go. At the end of the day they are just pretty pictures, useless to your fans.

4. Make a plan for content strategy and measure its success. This is the best way to know if that A/B test worked out. Focus on interaction, reach, clicks, new fans, whatever matters to you so you know when you hit the sweet spot.

5. Keep people engaged even after they did the transaction. Many pages focus on hard selling and get frustrated when their reach and engagement drop after the giveaway contest ended. People will engage if you appeal to what they enjoy. Study your fans interests and give them more of what they like.

You can read the original article here.

Pinterest for real estate

What should you pin? I tried a mix boards with bedrooms, baths, kitchens, based on the photos I found on different listings. This way I could mix original photos from listings with pics found in the pin feed. Other subjects for original content are team pics from different outdoor activities, team buildings and the classic types about design and decor.

Read the full article on The Social Media Hat.

 Instagram for real estate

If you think Instagram is all about selfies and food porn you are sourly mistaken. And is not your fault as a user. But seeing beyond that requires some analytical skills and some creativity.

The best approach for this channel is to give it a behind the scenes feel. People don’t want to be overwhelmed here with boring listings. They want to enjoy unrealistic filter pics and great photos from friends. And you have all of these are your fingertips. Go around the office and catch real life moments, busy people, walls covered in colored post-its from the last brainstorm session. And if you get out to a new social event don’t be shy to show off the people behind the agency name. That combo might make the difference.

For more inspiration for Instagram you can read this article here.


Sometimes the best way to know what to do is just take a good look at what the competition does. That might provide some starting ideas, but if you want to get your own voice out there you must tailor all this great advice to your business. If you have any tips about your niche drop a comment below and I would like to continue the conversation there!

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