Historical optimization is the secret for a succesful blog

You’ve written blog posts for some time now. Every post is well researched, careful edited and promoted to your audience. Some articles will hit the sweet spot but some will not. Those top articles that will, are the backbone of your blog and bring an important piece of traffic.

Historical optimization is the secret for a succesful blogEver green content is the type that is always useful and can be published without having an expiration date. All you have to do is take a look at your top posts, dust them off and publish them again, right?

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4 things you hate on Facebook

When I firs got in this business I got some tips of what not to do on Facebook. And then are those moments when you don’t have something great to publish and feel so tempted to break the rules. Well, don’t! Take a break, look at you best posts from Insights section on your page and try to find some content similar to that. Even so, if you don’t have the time and are under pressure to publish you will do one of those things that people hate on Facebook.

Memes that don’t relate to your business

If you have a company page that does B2B business then memes are a bad idea. I know everybody says you have to speak to the public like a human not as a robot, but ask yourself what does a bank have a in common with cat memes? If it’s the bank’s mascot then maybe you can use it, but this case is very unlikely. Also it lowers the business’s credibility and trust when it should be building it.

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