2016 Facebook trends you need to act on

We are almost at the end of 2015 and future trends begin to emerge from every online marketing corner. The most popular topic is Facebook and how big it is going to be next year.

Some of the trends are common sense for someone working with Facebook ads, but lets put them down for everybody:

  1. Carousel-ads or multi-product ads are on the rise

Since I’ve started working with those type of ads earlier this year I’ve been amazed by the power and quick results. But they don’t work as well with all types of businesses.

According to Facebook Q2 and Q3 reports, carousel ads have grown +55% from quarter to quarter this year, this being the biggest quarter growth for any type o ad. Read More…

Facebook ads finder

Facebook ads finder

Facebook ads finder

Did you know that there is an online tool that can look up Facebook ads?

It is easy to use and brings up ads from advertisers, certain keywords, URL and more…

Find more about this wonderful Facebook ads finder tool at Ad Espresso here.

I use this tool to do my research before launching a campaign for a new client. So if I need to set up a campaign for a clothing store, I need to get some top-notch inspiration from big brands on the same target audience as my client. Read More…

Social media ad size chart [infographic]


Social media ad size chart

My most recent project is a Facebook Ads training course in which I teach the client all about FaceAds and what are the most powerful features. At the end of the course I gave a setĀ resource sites for pic sizes, tips & tricks but I found myself without a good visual about a social media ad size chart.

Finally I found it onĀ  Bannersnack.comĀ and is very good to have at hand or bookmarked in the browser you use.

In short it talks about:


  • use a clear call to action – you have a special button for this so no need to put it on the picture
  • careful with the 20% text rule – better to test the pic than redo the whole campaign if it gets rejected


  • time is money and business people know it best – give people a reason to pay attention to the ad
  • monitor interaction – especially click-through-rate


  • promote the best pins from your account
  • keep in mind pic sizes so the image looks good even when you click on it

Read More…

When to start buying Facebook Ads


In the past it used to be all about searching on Google and finding out more about anything that comes to mind directly in from the search. Now, you just open the Facebook app on your phone and search for it there. If it isn’t there, there is a problem and you may get suspicious.

The first thing IĀ tell a client when they want to get on board of the social media train is go where your potential customers are. If they are Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin, then you need to create a profile there and make it reflect your image.

The next step is to get people to notice your presence. Here’s how you do that without investing all the money:

1. Get those first 25 fans on Facebook so you can get a custom vanity URL on the platform

2. Invite friends, your email list, employees, and tell them to invite people too

3. DON’T be tempted to buy likes! This may backfire on you so is better to grow a slow and quality follower base than a fake one Read More…

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Facebook comes with a set of conversion pixels you can install on a website.

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Conversion Pixel Types in Facebook Ads

Since Facebook does not give too many details about what conversion pixel goesĀ on what type of action, in this article you will find more about each one of them.

The 6 types of conversion pixels are:

1. Checkout

Used on e-commerce sites to count sales. I also used it for sending a request form for a service or product instead of leads conversion pixel. This one is the basic type and it fits in most cases. Read More…

5 tips to optimize your Facebook ads campaign

Do you want to get the most of your budget? Testing, testing, testing is a general piece of advice for Facebook ads and you need more?

Nod YES and continue reading some of the best tips I’ve got so far:

1.Ā Create ad pictures according to Facebook size recommendation

The best size for your image will vary based on the type of ad you are creating. Be sure to consult Facebookā€™s Official Ads Guide to find the optimal size. This way your ad will look good on every type of display (mobile & web). Read More…

Online advertising for restricted content

It takes quite some skills to get the best results for a given budget, but the task is even harder if you cannot advertise your products at all. Still there are options even in the online advertising for restricted content.

First of all, in this article I want to share with you all the challenges that I encountered for one of my clients – an electronic cigar online shop.


Online advertising for restricted content

The challenge

A new brand and shop on the electronic cigar & accessories market thatĀ has to make a name for itself, but the advertising options are very limited especially forĀ a local business. Its competitors are offline small boutiques that count on small prices and poor quality products. Even if you barely make a profit to be competitive is still hard to get ahead. Read More…

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

Facebook Ads or Adwords? They are not the same and comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. But there is a way to find out what is best for you at the moment, especially if you don’t have the budget for both.

Here are the benefits for both advertising tools, regarding reach, targeting optionsĀ andĀ mobile advertising. Check out the infographic below:Ā  Read More…

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