Introducing Facebook authorship for bloggers


Since the demise of Google Authorship last year, bloggers have been neglected by important websites around the web. Facebook has been listening to this complaints and gives authors and publishers a way to indicate the author profile or publishing page for any given piece of content.

Implementing Facebook authorship is relatively simple and it requires just a little intervention in the settings menu on your blog.

The great advantage here is  that you can attach a name to any shares of  the content on Facebook that allows viewers to see the author and potentially follow them. Read More…

Facebook referral links in Google Analytics

For some time I’ve been seeing an interesting type of referral from Facebook in Analytics – and You may know the other versions of traffic links, and and you could see that the first is from website traffic and the second is from mobile traffic. But what about the first two referral links?


Referral links

Here is one way of seeing things:

The web world is full of spam sites and like most other platforms Facebook works hard to combat it and keep the ordinary, honest surfer safe. One of the tools it uses is called the link shim. When you click on a link in Facebook, the link shim checks the URL against a regularly updated list of malicious sites. If one is detected, the shim will display an interim page that is designed to protect or warn people visiting the site, whether they are accessing it from their browser or email. The link shim address is also used to protect any personal identifying information from 3rd party sites.

Read More…

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