3 tips on growing your social audience

The first sign of a good online marketing strategy is that your audience responds to your content. This means a growing reach, engagement and number of new fans or followers. After this, next come the leads and finally, sales. This is what any social media manager wants to see. But the road is not so smooth.

Growing the social audience

Here are some tips on what to do when you feel stuck in bringing new fans and growing that socialย audience.

1. Each channel needs a different recipe

So you have 3 or 4 channels to manage for a client. Do you publish the same message on Facebook, Twitter and G+? If a message might work for Facebook and G+ it may not fit Twitter, literally. So each channel needs its own tailored message type, photo and time of publishing.

There is no general rule of thumb that can work for everybody, so you must understand the network, it’s dynamics and look at what others do there. Look at the competition, look at influencers and try to pick up what they do well and replicate it to your own page. Testing new ideas every month is the key to stay ahead.

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