Best scheduling tool: Buffer or Hootsuite?

I post many things on a daily basis. Some are for my clients and some are for my friends and followers. But which tool does the best job? Here are two of my favorite scheduling tools, with their pros and cons.


BufferApp schedule tool

  • Submitted social sites: Facebook, Google Plus (only pages), Twitter, Linkedin,
  • Schedule tool: allows only up to 10 posts in advance on the free plan.
  • Interface: clean and aired, simple to use and very intuitive
  • Scheduled stream: each channel has a tab with all the posts you scheduled. The posts display the text, picture and set date.
  • URL shorting: it auto shortens the link from the text you put in. Also, it adds UTM tags to shortened links. You do have the opt-out option to unshorten the link.
  • Bugs: I have encountered bugs that messed up my schedule, also some times when it gets an error from the channel it will not try to repost again.
  • Analytics: it provides a number of stats based on sharedย posts and the performance of their links.
  • Paid feature: it has a paid plan, starting from 10$ / month, that unlocks 200 scheduled posts, up to 12 social profiles, 2 members and up to 15 RSS feeds for every social channel connected.

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