The Anatomy of Viral Content

We are always on the look for fresh new content to publish on various platforms. But finding something new and interesting for your targeted audience is not as easy as it seems. Finding something that might go viral and thus creating a lot of buzz around it is even harder. I have researched some examples of how people do it and it looks like art and luck mixed together.


Grumpy cat – most viral cat around the web



Going viral means to get a burst of interactions over your content leading to a fast spread by sharing it all over the internet.

The New York Times Customer Insight Group’s study, The Psychology of Sharing, set out to determine what motivates people to share content online. They found that we share to:

  • Bring valuable and entertaining content to others
  • Define ourselves to others
  • Grow and nourish relationships
  • Market causes or brands
  • Achieve self-fulfillment

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