How Not to Kill Your Online Business

Business owners face many difficult challenges, but their ultimate goal in the online business world is to get truckloads of new potential customers to visit their website.

On the other hand, another major goal is to create brand exposure as you grow your company online.

Do you have a plan to spur this growth and build your brand?

Some people have a plan and it works out to be a major success. Others try a few things here and there and fail miserably.

If you’re finding it difficult to grow your business online, or you’ve hit a plateau and branding and website growth is now stagnant, you should avoid the following missteps to prevent the unintentional death and destruction of your online business.

Let’s now take a look at the major pitfalls that you need to avoid.


Do You Track Your Most Important Online Business Metrics?

Business owners often fail to track the most important online metrics for their website, which is the reason why some of them have a tough time finding success.

As far as conversions are concerned, you need to immediately begin tracking things like marketing campaign conversion rates, email subscriber sign-ups, your cost per lead, your website’s lifetime visitor value, customer acquisition costs, and more.

If you begin tracking these metrics and really pay attention to the data, you’ll immediately notice areas that could benefit from serious improvement.

By working hard to test and improve specific aspects of your website, you’ll be able to increase conversion rates tremendously instead of wasting this valuable traffic.

Productivity tracking is also incredibly important.

Are you reaching your greatest levels of productivity throughout the day? Are your employees? Are your freelancers?

As an example, if you’re working on a marketing campaign promoting the top fundraisers for nonprofits, you should track all hours spent working on this project by using an online time clock like Clockspot.

By tracking productivity online, you’ll be able to figure out when your staff is being most effective, when they are least effective, when you personally struggle to produce, and you’ll even figure out your revenue per employee.

Again, once you have access to this information, you can use it to tweak your processes so that you and your team can become even more productive.


Does Your Website Contain Average, Run-Of-The-Mill Content?

One of the fastest ways to kill your online business is to become part of the crowd without sharing content that stands out.

Is your website basically a clone of every other website in your niche?

If so, you are doing your audience a major disservice.

Sure, standard industry related content certainly has its value. But if you really want to make an impression and grow a wide audience, you’ll provide your readers and website visitors with unique, new content that shares an interesting perspective.

That’s how you stand out in the crowd!

Pay attention to the trends taking place in your industry. But instead of sharing these stories verbatim like a parrot, you have to put your own spin on them.

Use current industry trends to your advantage by twisting them and turning them and manipulating them into your own ideas so that you’re presenting something unique to your audience.


Are You an Industry Leader?

You’re really missing the boat if you haven’t stepped up and presented your company as a major industry leader.

Remember, no one wants to take advice from the 25th best website, right?

So take on a leadership role. Your audience will recognize this and begin trusting your business as a valuable leader in your market.



Nobody said building an online business is easy. If you avoid making the critical errors mentioned above, you’ll have a much better chance at achieving online success.


Guest post by Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Towering who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition


2016 online marketing predictions

Turning a new page in the social calendar is like a fresh start to better decisions, new motivation and new things to try. Looking forward to 2016, I gathered some of this year’s online marketing predictions from the top minds out there.


  1. 2016 content marketing will be dominated by videos, live streaming and virtual reality with social sharing. From Facebook live streaming to Twitter and Periscope, all want a piece of the video sharing pie. We’ve seen virtual reality coming out string in 2015 with glasses and Cardboard goggles, and this year all the wearables will become main steam and with this the search and market for virtual reality content.
  2.  In 2015 we had a full display of the power of Facebook ads and a boost in customer care through messages. In 2016 companies will shift from the “we have to do social media” mindset to “we need to do” because a huge part of the action is social and is hard to ignore the potential.

  3.  Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content. Wasting time on poor quality content is a waste of money in the end. Focusing on better and useful content goes a long way in the crowded newsfeeds.
  4. Trimming low performing social platforms. Spreading yourself too thin to cover as many platforms as possible is a waste of time and money. Closing low performing accounts is a great way to focus on what matters and brings in results.
  5. 2016 will be a great year for Instagram. Since the platform is popular almost everywhere because of it’s 400 mill users and still growing. And since launching of Instagram ads we have yet to see the full potential of the platform. Jumping on this trend might be a winning ticket for many.
  6. Paid will become the norm, organic will be de-emphasized even more. We got this message low and clear in 2015 and now we will put in practice with more personalized content and better targeted to see good results.
  7. . Traffic results show an increase in mobile visits part from the video content available throughout the platforms, part from the new ads options like Instagram ads or Facebook dynamic ads. Some of us will have to embrace the fact that mobile has outgrown the traditional desktop / website traffic.

  8. Measuring, measuring, measuring. Those who measure the results will see the value and the ROI and be willing to pay to get more, and those who don’t do a good job at measuring their efforts will stick to the traditional channels that they can master.
  9. Mature online marketers will be a great asset. Is like having a star playing for your team – it brings all the team up. This goes with online marketing too. A seasoned marketer will better adapt at new situations and better advice team, bringing faster results due to their experience and passion for this field.
  10. Digital Marketing Automation. Speeding up the process of finding, creating and publishing content leaves more time for strategy, learning and analysis. To help with this, more tools will emerge and become must-haves to any online marketer.

This year will also bring innovations to the existing platforms, but also new tools to work with online. Since 2015 has set a high bar on online dynamics, I can only imagine that this year will keep up this fast pace of new and creative things to lean and try out!

Online advertising for restricted content

It takes quite some skills to get the best results for a given budget, but the task is even harder if you cannot advertise your products at all. Still there are options even in the online advertising for restricted content.

First of all, in this article I want to share with you all the challenges that I encountered for one of my clients – an electronic cigar online shop.


Online advertising for restricted content

The challenge

A new brand and shop on the electronic cigar & accessories market that has to make a name for itself, but the advertising options are very limited especially for a local business. Its competitors are offline small boutiques that count on small prices and poor quality products. Even if you barely make a profit to be competitive is still hard to get ahead. Read More…

Why you need a social media consultant

The market is full of self-proclaimed specialists. Is not so hard to start-up a page, post funny things and call yourself a social media guru. Also, is not so hard to read all the articles on this topic and speak only about general things and avoid getting down and specific with the business in front of you.



This way of thinking has brought a bad name to genuine specialists who talk out of experience. So, what can a social media consultant do for you? Read More…

Customer psychology – What people think about you

We measure the success of a website in key figures like traffic, conversions, new leads and so on. But behind these numbers there are real people searching for something and they might want your services or products if you know how to sell it to them.

Customer Psychology


Recently I found an article about how people think of what you are selling. At any given moment you are visited by:

  • People who will instantly buy
  • People who will never buy
  • And there are the sideliners

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4 things you hate on Facebook

When I firs got in this business I got some tips of what not to do on Facebook. And then are those moments when you don’t have something great to publish and feel so tempted to break the rules. Well, don’t! Take a break, look at you best posts from Insights section on your page and try to find some content similar to that. Even so, if you don’t have the time and are under pressure to publish you will do one of those things that people hate on Facebook.

Memes that don’t relate to your business

If you have a company page that does B2B business then memes are a bad idea. I know everybody says you have to speak to the public like a human not as a robot, but ask yourself what does a bank have a in common with cat memes? If it’s the bank’s mascot then maybe you can use it, but this case is very unlikely. Also it lowers the business’s credibility and trust when it should be building it.

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The perks of being a marketer

Some time ago while waiting in line for some take out, I got a call from a telemarketer. The girl presented herself and the company she was representing and asked me if I or someone in my immediate family works in marketing. I answered proudly „I work in online marketing”. She thanked me for my time and hung up.

I’ve been thinking at that moment ever since.

Telemarketer techniques

Today I got another phone call from the bank presenting me their new health insurance. The girl was following a well written script, asking if it ok to record the call and if I have any questions during her presentation to ask her. And she begins her 100th replay for the day, while in the background I could hear something like the busiest day on the stock market. My polite patience was interrupted when the conversation began. After ending her speech she wanted to lock down the deal and convince me to sign up for the program.

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