2016 online marketing predictions

Turning a new page in the social calendar is like a fresh start to better decisions, new motivation and new things to try. Looking forward to 2016, I gathered some of this year’s online marketing predictions from the top minds out there.


  1. 2016 content marketing will be dominated by videos, live streaming and virtual reality with social sharing. From Facebook live streaming to Twitter and Periscope, all want a piece of the video sharing pie. We’ve seen virtual reality coming out string in 2015 with glasses and Cardboard goggles, and this year all the wearables will become main steam and with this the search and market for virtual reality content.
  2.  In 2015 we had a full display of the power of Facebook ads and a boost in customer care through messages. In 2016 companies will shift from the “we have to do social media” mindset to “we need to do” because a huge part of the action is social and is hard to ignore the potential.

  3.  Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content. Wasting time on poor quality content is a waste of money in the end. Focusing on better and useful content goes a long way in the crowded newsfeeds.
  4. Trimming low performing social platforms. Spreading yourself too thin to cover as many platforms as possible is a waste of time and money. Closing low performing accounts is a great way to focus on what matters and brings in results.
  5. 2016 will be a great year for Instagram. Since the platform is popular almost everywhere because of it’s 400 mill users and still growing. And since launching of Instagram ads we have yet to see the full potential of the platform. Jumping on this trend might be a winning ticket for many.
  6. Paid will become the norm, organic will be de-emphasized even more. We got this message low and clear in 2015 and now we will put in practice with more personalized content and better targeted to see good results.
  7. . Traffic results show an increase in mobile visits part from the video content available throughout the platforms, part from the new ads options like Instagram ads or Facebook dynamic ads. Some of us will have to embrace the fact that mobile has outgrown the traditional desktop / website traffic.

  8. Measuring, measuring, measuring. Those who measure the results will see the value and the ROI and be willing to pay to get more, and those who don’t do a good job at measuring their efforts will stick to the traditional channels that they can master.
  9. Mature online marketers will be a great asset. Is like having a star playing for your team – it brings all the team up. This goes with online marketing too. A seasoned marketer will better adapt at new situations and better advice team, bringing faster results due to their experience and passion for this field.
  10. Digital Marketing Automation. Speeding up the process of finding, creating and publishing content leaves more time for strategy, learning and analysis. To help with this, more tools will emerge and become must-haves to any online marketer.

This year will also bring innovations to the existing platforms, but also new tools to work with online. Since 2015 has set a high bar on online dynamics, I can only imagine that this year will keep up this fast pace of new and creative things to lean and try out!

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