The perks of being a marketer

Some time ago while waiting in line for some take out, I got a call from a telemarketer. The girl presented herself and the company she was representing and asked me if I or someone in my immediate family works in marketing. I answered proudly „I work in online marketing”. She thanked me for my time and hung up.

I’ve been thinking at that moment ever since.

Telemarketer techniques

Today I got another phone call from the bank presenting me their new health insurance. The girl was following a well written script, asking if it ok to record the call and if I have any questions during her presentation to ask her. And she begins her 100th replay for the day, while in the background I could hear something like the busiest day on the stock market. My polite patience was interrupted when the conversation began. After ending her speech she wanted to lock down the deal and convince me to sign up for the program.

If I was just working a boring job in an office she would have done a great number on me but I could see all the tricks coming. I declined the great offer because I’m not interested in a health insurance at the moment. She gave me all the great benefits from small injuries covering to more serious ones. I said I have a home office job so I don’t  think I can hurt myself standing at my laptop all day.

Of course she didn’t give up. She listed examples for how much I can get if I break a finger. This is when she personalized the offer to suit my lifestyle. After this I tried to explain that this isn’t the right moment in my life for this kind of commitment but I will get in touch if I need their service in the future. The girl had it coming and replied that this is a special program, meant for a special and small group of long-term clients, so this is my only chance to benefit from it.

So she personalized the offer to fit my low risk office job, she made it exclusive for some lucky few clients, and to top it off and give me the impulse to buy it right now she put a unique opportunity to get such a great deal. As a marketer I knew all the little tricks she would apply but I couldn’t resist not engaging her. After repeating that is not the moment for me but her offer might be something I would consider in the future she jumped right in and asked if she could call after the holidays (hoping that I would have a change of heart in the near future). Seeing that she will not take no for an answer I agreed to have another chat later on.

The key points here are knowing how to sell. She didn’t push something and quitting after I said no. She listened to what I do, personalized the offer to my needs by giving examples of how it could benefit me. Giving me a limited choice to take it or leave it because than was the only time I could sign up she gently pushed me toward getting the deal before it slips away. This line would have worked on most people, but on marketing professionals not so much. We are trained to play this game and win it as the girl was trying. After seeing that I’m not in a rush and most likely I will find another great offer when I need it, she found the middle way by keeping in touch. At this I couldn’t say no, although is another old-fashioned trick but apparently still effective.

In conclusion, don’t buy things over the phone. It may seem a great deal at the moment, but in the rare cases where you can’t back up once the papers are delivered home is not so great. And also, train your friends and family about those little tricks. They might thank you one day!

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